A unique corn cobb based top dress designed to add fill and dimension to your show animal.

– Delivers multiple sources of fiber to increase fill and capacity throughout the lower 1/3 of your show animal
-Unique fiber content helps naturally maintain a healthier digestive system
-Can be used when limited weight gain is desired


Pedal Down is ideally formulated for growing show pigs. Pedal Down will build muscle mass and shape while maintaining skeletal integrity through this important phase. It will also maintain the correct degree of finish for younger pigs.

Meal form with special flavor will stimulate feed intake.

Best when fed to show pigs at least 40# and up. A great transition/grower feed when starting show pigs after sale day.

Can also be used when increased muscle mass and shape is desired.


Unique protein and amino acid profile will add muscle shape and bloom to your show pigs while maintaining an optimal growth rate. The addition of barley and steam rolled oats help develop a full and fresh look and a smooth cover needed to win at the highest levels.

Meal form with special flavor will stimulate feed intake.

Feed to show pigs weighing at least 80# and can be fed all the way to show day.

The design of this product with multiple protein and energy sources will add muscle shape while keeping structural soundness a top priority.

Spot Light has a simple feeding concept where top-dresses are not required. Spot Light is formulated and proven to put winning results in every bag.


A high energy, high fiber ration with a balanced amino acid profile make this product unique in the show industry. Massive utilizes multiple fat and fiber sources that will help achieve added body and cover to show pigs while keeping muscle mass and shape.

Massive works great as a show gilt feed and also on barrows that need to be softened up and bodied down.

Meal form with special flavor will stimulate feed intake.

Best when fed to show pigs at least 150#.


Final Push is a Top-Dress designed to be fed to show pigs when added top shape is wanted. This product will give you a fresh crisp top that demands attention in the show ring.

Can also be fed to plainer muscled pigs who need to be powered up.

Non Medicated can be fed up to show day

Feeding Rate depends on the desired look you’re after, typical rate is 2lbs- 4lbs/head/day

New meal form with increased egg protein

Umbarger High Energy Fat Supplement

The highest quality liquid fat product available to be added in grind and mix rations for show pigs.

This soy and corn oil based product with special flavoring will give you the ultimate show bloom you’re looking for while increasing feed intake.


Freedom Base Plus is an updated formula with increased digestible proteins as well the addition of prebiotic and probiotic feed additives to promote gut health. Contact the Umbarger Show Team to custom design a ration for your farm.

It’s important to use high quality grains free of toxins to achieve the best results.

When mixing replace corn with the drug of your choice.


This sow base program gives you the ability to grind and mix your own Sow Feeds, follow the chart below to create your own Gestation and Lactation rations.


Umbarger lactation is highly fortified complete ration that should be fed 5-7 days before farrowing and through entire lactation period.

For best results, offer feed to lactating sows and gilts two times a day. Aggressively increase the amount fed per day so sows and gilts are on full feed as soon as possible.

Increased feed intake will provide higher levels of milk production during lactation phase.


Umbarger gestation is a complete ration designed for gestating sows and replacement gilts.

Feed each sow or gilt at least 4lbs per head per day depending on their body condition. It’s important to keep your breeding animals in good condition so they can achieve their full genetic potential. If you need help with your sow feeding program contact our sales team and they can assist you.